We are growing into a large collaborative network of Joomla! developers and service providers.  Our developer partners build and provide Dioscouri-compatible extensions for their clients, while our service provider partners support and integrate Dioscouri extensions into powerful websites for their clients.

We are proud to be partnered with the following companies and individuals.


Image: provides technico-creative solutions for their clients. With over 16 years of experience in interactive communication, we help guide our customers in their marketing efforts online.

We started using Dioscouri for some of our missing puzzle pieces we needed, but we've come to realize that they have most of the piece to create the picture we have in our heads. We're very happy to partner with them and to participate in helping them build that wonderful toolbox. As we say in our neck of the woods: "C'est pas mal génial tout ça".
David Joly,

I-Brix, Design and Development Logo If you need any custom work done on your website, webshop or online application, I-BRIX Design & Development is the place to be.

Owners Marc Kraak and Remco Janssen focus on usability, flexibility and efficiency. "Whatever you need... if we don't have it, we'll build it" that's what Marc says about any and every data-related issue. "And I'll make it so everyone can work with it" is Remco's part in the mix of design & development.

Aside from the two owners I-Brix works with lead programmer Joep and outsources the 'boring stuff'. Marc and Joep focus all their attention on programming while Remco works on the full multimedia span, shooting and editing video and designs for print and screen. If you have a problem, and you can challenge them - maybe you can hire I-Brix, Design & Development.


LightCube SolutionsLightCube Solutions is an innovative technology consulting company specializing in designing and developing elegant, efficient and solid web applications. They primarily focus on LAMP development and are solidifying that foundation by putting together their own streamlined Linux Distro - LightCube OS. They believe that all companies and organizations should have access to affordable customized applications that aren't bloated with unnecessary functionality.

We were enthralled when presented with the opportunity to partner with Dioscouri. It was immediately recognizable that Dioscouri is a market leader in the Joomla! community and we saw it as an honor to join them. From a business and technical perspective they have built up a solid core to bring quality extensions to their customers. It's our pleasure to join them as we strive to fulfill our common goal of putting the customer first.
Jeremy Huntwork and Fitz Agard, LightCube Solutions

logo-web2Paschen Communications has been providing design, programming, and media services for over 15 years. With direct experience in the operations of both non-profit and for-profit organizations, we are able to bring high-value Internet features and services to many small organizations without excessive costs. We are also a strong proponent of the Open Source model — both in software and other avenues.

We have used a number of Dioscouri extensions in our web sites for a while and when the opportunity opened to partner with them and to be directly involved in the future of these great extensions we jumped at it. Dioscouri has a great business model that provides great extensions together with great support services at prices that even small organizations and non-profits can afford. We are excited to join in partnership with this great organization!
Chris Paschen, Paschen Communications

Image: Weble logoWeble is an Italian company specializing in building Joomla! based websites. Their expertise is in building eCommerce websites and custom web applications..


We started working with Dioscouri after seeing Tienda. It was definitely the greatest piece of Joomla! software ever made, and we knew immediately that it was surely going to change the Joomla! eCommerce world. It was with great pleasure that we decided to accept Dioscouri's Offer to join their team!
Daniele Rosario and Dario Peroni, Weble
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