Joomla Extensions

We are no longer using the Joomla CMS. As a result, our Joomla extensions are no longer in development. The source for some of them is available on Github. You may also download each extension's most recent release below.

Ambra User Manager -- v1.1.0

A user management component.

Ambra Subscriptions -- v3.4.4

A Subscription / Payment Manager and a File Downloads Manager.

Amigos - Affiliate Marketing -- v1.3.0

AMIGOS is an affiliate tracking extension for Joomla!. Adding AMIGOS to your Joomla installation enables each of your users to become an affiliate, which means they will work to send traffic to your site in return for commissions on the sales they generate.

BILLETS - Joomla Support Tickets -- v4.0.0

Billets is a full-featured, completely customizable support center component.

Billets -- v5.0.3-alpha

Billets is a full-featured, completely customizable support center component.

HIDER - a Plugin to Hide Content -- v1.6.0

HIDER allows you to hide content based on a visitor's login status or user group.

HybridAuth - Login using Social Networks -- v0.10.0

HybridAuth adds the ability for users to login & register on your site using their credentials for social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, Google's authentication platform, and anything on OpenID.

JUGA - Joomla User Group Access -- v2.4.1

JUGA is a Joomla extension that allows additional control over what content is available to which users.

Manga - Reporting Tool -- v2.0.0

MANGA is our little reporting tool. It is a framework for creating custom reports on various tables in your Joomla! database.

Mappa - Image Mapping -- v0.9.0

With Mappa, you can upload any custom photo to your website and then add clickable locations to the image that display overlayed panels with detailed information.

MySite Sitemap Generator -- v0.7.0

MySite is a Sitemap Generating component for Joomla. You can synchronize your sitemap with one, many, or all of your menu trees.

PHPList Integration -- v2.2.0

Our PhpList Integration enables you to manage your PhpList mailings directly from your Joomla site.

Scout - Activity Logger -- v0.6.0

SCOUT will track the activity within each of the components on your site for which you have a SCOUT plugin enabled.

Scriba - Private Conversations -- v2.0.0

Scriba is a Joomla! Conversations component. It enables private conversations between all users on your Joomla website.

Synk Database Synchronization -- v3.1.1

A Database Synchronization tool

Tienda E-commerce -- v0.10.1

A complete ecommerce extension.