Do I need Zend / IonCube?

No you do not.  None of our components are encrypted.  You are free to customize them to fit your needs perfectly.


Can I Use It on More than One Site?

Yes, your license allows you to use it on more than one domain.

Are there any known conflicts with other extensions?

Tienda shouldn't conflict with other extensions, when designed properly within the structure of Joomla. However, not all other extensions are coded within those guidelines - esp. those using JQuery. Most of those extensions can be easily modified to work properly (by calling JQuery in noConflict mode). If you use many extensions (esp. ones written by individuals or that are older) we encourage you to install Tienda on a test site first to ensure compatibility. If you have a support subscription we can assist you with this process.

If we find major (esp. commercial) extension which have specific conflicts we will list them here (if your extension is not listed here, it should work):

  • Anahita plugin (Uses JavaScript in a way that is completely different than the standard Joomla Mootools and produces significant conflicts with Tienda)

If you find you have conflicts with an extension, please report it in our bug reporting area on http://projects.dioscouri.com. Where possible, when conflicts are confirmed by other users, we will do our best to try to resolve the conflicts if possible.


Can it handle compound taxes?

Tienda is designed to handle all sorts of tax scenarios. It comes with the ability to handle multiple tax rates - based on location. It also has the ability to handle taxes (like Canadian provicial taxes) which include compounding (i.e. taxes on taxes) HOWEVER, this does require the use of a custom tax plugin for each location/tax. [If you need one of these tax plugins, check the Diosocuri Marketplace. If you don't find the one you need there, contact us in the Support Center to see if one is being developed or to find out what it will take to get the one you need completed.]


Do you have a demo?

No. You can freely download the full version of Tienda Community. It has all the functionality included - it's not hindered in any way. Just download and give it a try.


Does it work with SEF?

Tienda will function with the core Joomla SEF functions enabled. The resulting URLs may not be to your liking though. You may want to consider using a 3rd party SEF extension that has a specific Tienda integration - so you can control how the URLs look.

From time to time we may work with 3rd party SEF extension providers to help them develop specific integrations with Tienda. Please check the Dioscouri Marketplace as well as the Joomla Extension Directory for integrations with SEF extensions.


For several versions (0.6.x-0.7.x) Tienda directly supported sh404sef; however, that functionality was removed from the core of Tienda so that changes in this 3rd party extension didn't break the main core of Tienda.



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