Changes in Version 0.9.0 - Released Mar 15 2012

Bug Fixes (58)


6614 Bug mod_tienda_products 'random' not having any effect.
6584 Bug Typo in Default product template
6508 Bug Menu type 'wishlists' language constant missing
6413 Bug RedShop Migrator - Bad tip
6387 Bug Emails sent to blocked users
6244 Bug Menu title 'Search - My Order History' needs to be changed
6242* Bug Manage Files | Upload File doesn't save 'Max No of Downloads'
5352* Bug Mod Currency Selector ignores default currency
3706 Bug Country -> Zone ->Postal Code flow
6720 Bug Tienda - System plugin not enabled by default
6674 Bug user_id is not saved in OrderInfo table
6672* Bug Create three addresses instead of one in OPC
6644* Bug "Add to cart" button doesn't work from comparison screen.
6640* Bug missing closing
tag in 2-column OPC
6638 Bug mod_tienda_currency fatal error on guest checkout
6624 Bug Email page is missing some info and not translatable
6623* Bug In OPC - if no shipping needed section numbers off
6621 Bug When deleting coupons - un-translated text appears
6585* Bug Product quantities are saved but not showed correctly; impossible to add to card
6564 Bug Misspelling in Google Checkout
6530 Bug POS creates incomplete records in orderinfo table
6528 Bug Unknown column 'tbl.category_id' in category view in back-end
6484 Bug ajax-loader_transp.gif causing problems with SSL
6472 Bug Admin charts not playing nice in Joomla
6471 Bug fixing notices during user registration during checkout
6455 Bug mod_tienda_my_orders not displaying orders
6453 Bug mod_tienda_my_orderitems is not displaying anything
6410 Bug Default checkout layout setting 'onepagecheckout' causes error 500
6352 Bug mod_tienda_products does not sort by Product Order
6340* Bug Table Layout Ignores Tax Settings
6295 Bug Set focus and fix order in OPC address fields
6148* Bug Summary Statistics table in the Dashboard displays number of sales and values incorrectly
5843* Bug Currency prefix/sufix option
5741 Bug Custom Field Values not retained
5421 Bug Demo Content for 0.7.2
4780 Bug Paypal Std - Sandbox not processing test order correctly
4032* Bug Regenerate Thumbnails Does Not Appear to Function
3547 Bug Product list order not displaying in order
3476 Bug unclear alert message when zip code and state conflict
3352 Bug Reorder arrow buttons do not work correctly on products
2542 Bug Cleanup of missing language constants from language files
6864 Bug Check jtext entries in js files (related to translations)
6756* Bug POS - requires billing/shipping address 'title' but no field
6748 Bug Admin Orderitems page - ID filter not working
6718* Bug View larger image
6668 Bug Could Not Instantiate Mail Function error at end of order processing
6574 Bug Can't submit comments with core SEF enabled
6532 Bug Custom field data lost after doing Completed Order Tasks
6454 Bug Order history does not display on front-end
6391 Bug Syntax error in SQL when filtering orders
6284 Bug Std Checkout - 'City Required' on 'same as billing'
6271 Bug Tax added twice on Review Order screen of checkout
6237* Bug Layered navigation not clearing filters
5535* Bug Securing Shipping Costs
6844 Bug OPC doesn't create new account when checked
6689 Bug Email test not checking for existing users
6610 Bug Core SEF breaks Tienda layout
6377* Bug One Page Checkout wont allow registration



New Features (18)


6254* Feature Maximum Subtotal in Standard Shipping Plugin
6845* Feature lightbox height
6746* Feature Users ID in order  print page
6730* Feature Process content plugins in the product category view area (short text, etc.)
6725 Feature method to calculate statistics about manufacturers
6695* Feature enhance JS translation using JText [part of prep for J2.5]
6536* Feature Autoupdate Comment Textarea in orderstate  UpdateStatus
6522* Feature dashboard graph sales all years from first sale
6509* Feature Compound Taxes
6467* Feature Improve password strength test on new account creation
6422* Feature Custom fields are pre-loaded when editing a product from cart
6421* Feature Ability to change product's main image via plugin
5729 Feature Set offline payment 'payment date' to "0"
5437 Feature Import Coupons from CSV
4913* Feature Guest Email
4732* Feature Tableless design for Custom Fields
6794* Feature Guest order print system
5138* Feature Guest login - do NOT create new Joomla account



Misc Tasks (9)


6692 Task Update buildfile to more easily build 'light' distribution packages
6846 Task Clean-up language quote structure in all language files
6694 Task Use tiendaGetFormInputData to get data from a form in JS
6680 Task Buildfile doesn't include all core modules
6675 Task Updating SQL install files
6618 Task Create a 'base language' package
5997 Task Remove coupon feature to apply to taxes
5049 Task Currency settings consolidation
171 Task Remove Extraneous Currency Settings?



*These issues effect template overrides. If you have implemented any template overrides you will need to update your overrides to account for these changes. If you would like to see specific code that was changed, please search the site for the specific issue number and review the revisions to the ticket. This will allow you to see exactly what lines of code were changed.



These are some OLD changes that we were previously done (in previous versions) but got missed. We're just listing them here for your information.


45 Feature Extensions for Displaying Product Sets (Best Selling, Related, on Sale, etc)
53 Feature Worldpay payment plugin
202 Feature Integrate with Eventlist
806 Feature Create a more robust email manager
837 Feature iDeal payment plugin (The Netherlands safe payments)
1437 Feature Add ability to directly link menu items to product detail pages
1607 Feature Need Ability to update Number at Checkout - see photo Attached
2052 Feature Tier tax rate
2423 Feature Australian Post Plugin
3508 Feature Report on Abandoned Carts Michael Candido
3987 Feature  Limit shipping & payment methods by geozone
4417 Feature Customer's telephone number in "orders" page


842 Task Install issue with Rackspace Cloud Sites not finding manifest file

NOTE: You can view details of these issues at Just search on the ticket number listed above.



Feature (19)45FeatureClosedNormalExtensions for Displaying Product Sets (Best Selling, Related, on Sale, etc)02/25/2012 06:09 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed53FeatureClosedNormalWorldpay payment pluginphilip locke02/25/2012 05:36 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed105FeatureRejectedNormalFR: Upload/Download products in XML format02/25/2012 06:12 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed202FeatureClosedNormalIntegrate with Eventlist02/25/2012 05:20 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed806FeatureClosedNormalCreate a more robust email manager02/25/2012 05:00 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed837FeatureClosedNormaliDeal payment plugin (The Netherlands safe payments)02/25/2012 05:35 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed1437FeatureClosedNormalAdd ability to directly link menu items to product detail pages02/25/2012 06:04 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed1489FeatureRejectedNormalCreate orders on behalf of users07/11/2011 10:57 amVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed1607FeatureClosedNormalNeed Ability to update Number at Checkout - see photo Attached02/25/2012 06:01 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed2052FeatureClosedNormalTier tax rate02/25/2012 04:51 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed2205FeatureRejectedNormalAllow Users to "Watch" an Item02/25/2012 06:13 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed2339FeatureRejectedNormalAbility for admin to manually control product sort/order07/11/2011 11:40 amVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed2423FeatureClosedNormalAustralian Post Plugin02/25/2012 06:13 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed2473FeatureOn HoldNormalRecurring Payments for iDeal Payments Plugin02/06/2011 11:23 amVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed2852FeatureRejectedNormalTheme - Layout grups07/11/2011 11:03 amVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed3508FeatureClosedNormalReport on Abandoned CartsMichael Candido02/25/2012 06:11 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed3987FeatureClosedNormalLimit shipping & payment methods by geozone02/25/2012 04:43 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed4417FeatureClosedNormalCustomer's telephone number in "orders" page02/25/2012 03:54 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed5776FeatureRejectedNormalOfflinePayment - GeoZone02/25/2012 05:23 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed  Task (2)212TaskRejectedNormalRemove Instances of @ Operator Which is Silencing Errors throughout Tienda02/25/2012 04:59 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed842TaskClosedNormalInstall issue with Rackspace Cloud Sites not finding manifest file02/25/2012 06:12 pmVersion 0.8.9 - Old issue that have already been fixed


Changes in Version 0.8.2 - Released Oct 31 2011

Bug Fixes (35)

  • 6371 Bug Fixing name of the field in joom!fish xml file for standard shipping methods + adding weight-based shipping method xml file
  • 6369 Bug Button "Calculate shipping rates" disappear, even thought no shipping rates are found
  • 6367 Bug form_address in checkout uses information about billing fields for shipping fields
  • 6365 Bug unify way of working with currencies on order view
  • 6342 Bug Formatting Issue on Standard Checkout
  • 6335 Bug Shipping Hangs (OnePageCheckout=No & different Billing/Shipping)
  • 6329 Bug config fields are trimmed
  • 6319 Bug taxes arent calculated for product attributes
  • 6318 Bug Related products dont display in an ordered way
  • 6312 Bug No way of setting up shipping rates for countries with no zones
  • 6311 Bug Country names are run through JText
  • 6308 Bug typo in translation string in payment options
  • 6305 Bug Weight-based shipping method cant handle rates with weight step 0
  • 6304 Bug Custom fields (EAV) - working with datetime and bool fields isnt correct
  • 6303 Bug checkout tooltips disapper from time to time
  • 6290 Bug Custom fields (EAV) - textarea - not saving tags
  • 6281 Bug Custom Fields (EAV) - custom field not being deleted after product deleted
  • 6280 Bug Custom Fields (EAV) - Boolean option titles
  • 6269 Bug Displaying problems in product gallery
  • 6264 Bug custom EAV of type integer displaying a comma in thousands place in cart view
  • 6263 Bug Adreesses options issues
  • 6251 Bug Site-side custom fields are saved when a product is saved
  • 6250 Bug Custom fields are emptied after changing a product attribute
  • 6248 Bug 'No payment' notice displaying ... even when a payment is available (and displaying)
  • 6245 Bug Menu names are not consistant
  • 6238 Bug OPC Layout issue
  • 6214 Bug Shipping method is not stored during standard checkout
  • 6180 Bug All zones show as Dummy Zone
  • 6173 Bug Standard shipping methods - tax not calculated
  • 6144 Bug Shipping Rates list length always set to "ALL"
  • 6020 Bug Checkout page showing items with custom fields grouped together as one product
  • 5970 Bug Shipping Coupon incorrect calculation
  • 4050 Bug Custom client data (fields) DATE not working.
  • 6282 Bug Modal auto closes when character "x" is clicked
  • 6246 Bug Zone change in OPC is not triggering payment/shipping updates

NewFeatures (21)

  • 6370 Feature Ability to turn on/off few Tienda features
  • 6368 Feature removing redundant validation check in updateShippingRates
  • 6366 Feature add shipping tax to order layouts
  • 6327 Feature Labels for Shipping methods
  • 6326 Feature Labes on Payment methods
  • 6325 Feature Changing "Image" button in paypal
  • 6320 Feature Blank Product Attributes
  • 6306 Feature Display an article when checkout fails
  • 6301 Feature updating form for addresses in checkout process
  • 6296 Feature Make Custom Field Info Stylable
  • 6272 Feature Ability to control displaying related products
  • 6260 Feature view complete address in order page - admin side
  • 6259 Feature add link to user in List of User's with Abandoned Cart "
  • 6258 Feature Datetime custom fields should store date in GTM time
  • 6257 Feature enhancement mod salestatistics on dashboard
  • 6256 Feature total amount for user's cart in admin side
  • 6249 Feature Add a callback function after changing product attributes
  • 4472 Feature Wishlists
  • 1950 Feature Export Data (incl product list with prices) to CSV and other formats
  • 6294 Feature Admin-side download of product files
  • 5022 Feature Allow order notifications delivery address to be set in shop owner config

Version 0.8.0 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-08-31

Bug #2557: Thousand Separator won't accept single- or double-quote
Bug #2655: Link in order confirmation emails is not 'active'
Bug #2778: Share This Review: should automatically populate url
Bug #3002: PHP Notice upon submitting POS order
Bug #3006: Checkout Without Registration Button doesn't work
Bug #3007: Missing TD in address box during Register-during-Checkout process
Bug #3707: form_register.php missing * beside email
Bug #4122: Using Set Rates on a shipping method shows both Tax and Shipping Geo Zones
Bug #4123: Setting the Default Tax Geozone shows both Tax and Shipping Geo Zones
Bug #4213: no rating star image alt throws 5 validation errors
Bug #4340: Disabled products show in Related
Bug #4439: Database error on failed payment
Bug #4490: cosmetic issue in the backend
Bug #4973: Extension Tienda Plug-in Points Payment
Bug #5089: Error Handling on UPS Shipping Plugin and base Shipping Plugin
Bug #5240: Publish Down does not unpublish the product
Bug #5265: Duplicate submenus in admin
Bug #5270: Users showing as duplicates in user list
Bug #5333: Double tax
Bug #5406: missing index.html
Bug #5425: wrong Total Amount Spent: in user "Summary Data"
Bug #5480: ItemID not added for Tienda search results
Bug #5490: PAYPAL Pro plugin language file incomplete
Bug #5528: One Page Checkout - Crash when new user clicks register.
Bug #5544: Shipping method not passed to database
Bug #5548: Setting Country Address Field to "None" breaks address saving
Bug #5596: Phrases missing in language file
Bug #5684: Joomla is showing an error during guest checkout, when email ofuscation is on
Bug #5727: Add 'required field' checking in the address manager
Bug #5728: Datetime format for range report - default to 00:00 (instead of current time)
Bug #5732: Reviews and Rating Fatal Error
Bug #5761: URLs in emails are not properly formed
Bug #5762: Shopping Cart Update Quantity and Add to Cart Quantity-wrong error messages
Bug #5767: PHP error occured upon payment confirmation
Bug #5803: Backend POS end screen doesn't finish
Bug #5815: Clicking on product in cart adds another of that product to the order (instead of editing)
Bug #5820: Pre-calculate product price with default product attributes
Bug #5830: Google +1 button doesn't display when FB & Twitter buttons are off
Bug #5834: After saving new Country order positions the order display doesn't update
Bug #5837: Parse error during Coupons CSV import using Generic Importer
Bug #5844: Show info about recurring payment, even though "Add to cart" button is not displayed
Bug #5859: Automatically Approve Reviews
Bug #5861: INFORMATIONS entry missing from the en-GB.com_tienda.ini language translation file
Bug #5864: Remove unneeded Backend POS buttons
Bug #5867: Terms & Conditions in One Page Checkout
Bug #5888: Duplicated entries in order listings
Bug #5890: Zone Required Error in normal checkout
Bug #5895: zone select box is not enabled after "Same as Billing Address" is unchecked
Bug #5908: Selected article is not displayed after checkout
Bug #5925: missing image on uploadify
Bug #5930: product reviews doesnt store user names
Bug #5931: Invalid redirection on "Add to cart" when set to return to same page
Bug #5945: Custom fields arent working when "Return on the same page" is turned on
Bug #5946: Cart doesnt display custom fields correctly when using in with combination product attributes
Bug #5951: Fatal Error on Guest Checkout
Bug #5952: Wrong content in Email To Ask Question On Produc
Bug #5960: Data missing in core zone tables - Mexico - Aquascalientes
Bug #5968: User groups list (admin-side) doesn't reflect order
Bug #5988: PHP notice at Onepage Checkout
Bug #5990: PHP notice at checkout
Bug #5999: New One Page Checkout Issues
Bug #6003: OPC - Edit/Cancel buttons
Bug #6004: OPC - Hide biling address
Bug #6005: OPC - Calculate Shipping rates automatically
Bug #6006: OPC - New Account password problem
Bug #6007: One Page Checkout Login link not showing login form in lightbox
Bug #6018: Product quantities arent loaded
Bug #6030: checkout process finisheses with an empty page
Bug #6055: Shipping address fields still validated even if shipping is not required
Bug #6059: OPC - Optimal Layout for checkout
Bug #6074: OPC - cannot finish checkout when shipping isn't required
Bug #6077: Potential SQL Injection problem reports - proven invalid
Bug #6083: Reorder Google+1 Button Size Drop down list
Bug #6096: Guest Email Obfuscation always on?
Bug #6132: OPC - Shipping address checkbox not working
Bug #6140: AmbraUM Points Payments plugin not working in 0.7.4
Feature #14: Admin-side Order Creation
Feature #55: Moneybookers
Feature #963: Offline Credit Card Payment Info Plugin [Marketplace]
Feature #2404: Allow Shoppers to use Ambra UM Points as a Payment Method
Feature #3480: Display "working" image (ajax-loader.gif) when user changes attributes
Feature #3568: Pre-calculate product price with default product attributes
Feature #3795: Layered navigation
Feature #4154: Set Taxable Goods as default
Feature #4210: Configurable store/shop email address
Feature #4636: E-mail Notify inventory levels
Feature #5277: Coupon Code limited to individual product
Feature #5292: Generic Credit Card Entry Form
Feature #5302: When creating customer registration use email as username
Feature #5658: New 'One Step Check Out' Process (like other shopping carts)
Feature #5774: Pro-rated subscription
Feature #5785: Report plugin for daily sales total amount
Feature #5786: Select a Single Day range
Feature #5788: Create a separate layout for product rating
Feature #5801: Add a 'company Tax Number' field to address area
Feature #5832: Enable editing ordering value for a country manually
Feature #5833: Put share buttons in product detail view into a separate layout
Feature #5840: Depth levels to show categories
Feature #5841: Config link display for search results
Feature #5842: Weight-based shipping plugin
Feature #5863: Link to user dashboard in orders list
Feature #5871: subscription by issue
Feature #5874: Allow Paypal plugin to create longer trial period
Feature #5880: Add sub_number field to subscriptions
Feature #5881: create a plugin which assings a new sub num to a registered user
Feature #5884: add table check on product issues table
Feature #5897: Total Number Of Orders in Highest Volume and Biggest Spenders report
Feature #5898: Add Enable/Disable Products to show in Report Low Stock Products
Feature #5947: Preserve product_buy template overrides after ajax calls
Feature #6011: OPC notes/tooltips hidden
Feature #6012: OPC - Automatically select payment method if only one is available.
Feature #6065: Put product gallery in a separate layout
Feature #6066: Display "working" images in checkout process
Feature #6073: Use payment_options layout in both standard checkout process and the new OPC
Feature #6109: Adjust Payment form fields layout in OPC
Feature #6136: Update OPC layouts


Version 0.7.3 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-07-12

Bug #2504: Order confirmation emails not sent for offline payments
Bug #4873: Disabling custom eav field for product doesn't stop it from displaying on front-end
Bug #4877: New Account Creation Leads to Shipping Information Error on Checkout (does not happen with Guest)
Bug #4915: no dropdown menu for "Configuration" item in admin menu
Bug #4926: Yesterday Date/Time Statistics error in order results
Bug #5083: Checked product edited by selecting new
Bug #5111: Spelling error - Current Wuantities/Quantities
Bug #5115: Company Name doesn't print on invoices
Bug #5215: Add to cart button missing on product details pages
Bug #5430: Shipping Value not Passed to Final Step
Bug #5432: Custom Fields Datetime type not working if more one
Bug #5536: Zone not selected when "Same as Billing Address" is checked
Bug #5537: Guest Checkout won't complete (not assigning guestID)
Bug #5543: Error on pop up links with class modal
Bug #5549: Invalid html for rating images/no template
Bug #5569: Update grid for mod_tienda_products (equal spacing)
Bug #5586: Default currency symbols in tienda dont show up correctly
Bug #5647: Module Popular Products is not working
Bug #5695: VM Importer
Bug #5701: Broken download link in Windows server
Bug #5710: Missing defined('_JEXEC') in browser.php in library
Bug #5723: fatal error on custom field in latest build
Bug #5734: Custom fields arent working + adding a new custom field type (hidden inputs)
Bug #5740: Free Trial subscription causes Tienda to not call the payment plugin
Bug #5763: Add to cart buttons are removed from sites using attributes
Bug #5764: Danish State/Regions are wrong!
Bug #5773: recurring payments doesnt work
Bug #5775: No drop-down menu in "Submit a bug" view in back-end
Bug #5810: paypal doesnt recognize recurring payments
Bug #5816: Cart Total not being carried forward to Order Summary when using attributes
Feature #785: One page checkout option
Feature #3558: Inventory Report
Feature #4577: Ability to assign custom fields to products from list of custom fields
Feature #4842: Don't store full file path inside product_files database
Feature #5266: Product Compare
Feature #5533: add Display Add to Cart Button in Configuration
Feature #5625: Allow user defined EAV text editor attribute size
Feature #5646: Adding a new option for displaying price
Feature #5674: Move Enterprise Coupons into Community
Feature #5692: New Event allowing a developer to customize getList() output
Feature #5807: Google +1


Version 0.7.x - COMMUNITY (updates)

Released: 2011-05-04*

*The issues listed below were actually included in other (older) releases; however, they were not included in previous changelogs. So if you are using 0.7.2, in addition to the bug and feature changes, you also have these.

Bug # 2543: Product Reviews should be displayed last
Bug # 2544: When only unpublished product reviews exist, review html breaks product detail page
Bug # 2545: When the Joomla Core SEF URLs are enabled, the "Share" and "Star" images don't display
Bug # 2546: Duplicate filter in orderitems model
Bug # 2547: Language issues in product reviews
Bug # 2602: Change success message language for reviews
Bug # 2777: Share this review: google buzz link is broken
Bug # 3004: Incorrect Order Total when changing address in dropdown
Bug # 3219: Uploading a category image of 250 pixels or more results in and all-white image
Bug # 4411: Cannot sort product reviews
Feature # 51: Recurring payments in Paypal Standard Plugin
Feature # 645: Allow admin to disable reviews entirely
Feature # 1009: Only allow purchasers and/or registered users to review products
Feature # 1375: Allow admin to disable/enable payment plugin according to user's region/Geo-IP/country
Feature # 1612: Less Clicks to checkout / For component - items selection option
Feature # 2159: Display recurring item costs in Shopping Cart View
Feature # 2160: Display recurring item costs in Admin-side Orders View
Feature # 2161: Display recurring item costs in Orders View
Feature # 2170: Display Recurring Charges/Period and Trial Price/Period on Product View
Feature # 2172: Display Recurring Period and Trial Price/Period on Orders and Cart
Feature # 2173: If trial period exists, cart item and checkout price is trial period price
Feature # 2174: Quantity for recurring items always = 1
Feature # 2375: Add admin-side views for subscriptions and payments
Feature # 2379: Make system plugin check subscription status daily
Feature # 2558: Creation of element product for product listing
Feature # 2719: Display review helpfulness rating
Feature # 2720: Add ability to sort reviews by helpfulness
Feature # 2988: Moneris (eSelect) payment processor support
Feature # 4714: Generic Importer plugin
Feature # 4859: Layered Nav - Allow admins to set price range filters
Feature # 4863: Layered Nav - Add product rating as filter option
Feature # 4864: Layered Nav - Allow admins to exclude filters
Feature # 5284: Limit shipping plugins by geozone
Task # 2342: Create Subscriptions-related tables and models
Task # 2343: Create Helper Class for Subscriptions
Task # 2345: Update Emails Helper to send Subscription emails
Task # 4256: Change carts view to use cart_id


Version 0.7.2 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-05-04

Bug #4297: Zones mandatory only if there are associated zones
Bug #4299: UI lightboxes not using width as set in configuration options
Bug #4767: Issue with adding 'child products' to cart correctly
Bug #4777: Price based shipping not calculating properly
Bug #4790: Add to Cart doesn't work with Joomla core SEF enabled
Bug #4857: Layered Nav - categories as filters
Bug #4858: Layered Nav - Automatic price ranges off
Bug #4862: Layered Nav - Filtering by Attributes doesn't work
Bug #5014: View gallery not displaying and other image issues
Bug #5037: Sales by manufacturer seems to be broken
Bug #5174: wrong Total Amount Spent: in user "Summary Data"
Bug #5175: Custumer link error in report
Bug #5255: Enable Automatic Reordering is not taken into consideration when Saving
Bug #5291: Enable Front-end alphabetical product sorting
Bug #5354: Same as Billing Address Still checks shippings address
Bug #5357: Add button/link to get the the available payment methods after filling up address
Feature #52: Paypal Pro
Feature #3943: Tool for Migration from Redshop
Feature #4087: Auto-filling the SAME AS BILLING address fields
Feature #4312: Make shipping info show in lightbox
Feature #4478: Charge tax on 3-party shipping methods
Feature #4575: Redirection to order's detail page when clicking on Order ID in Orders -> Payments page
Feature #4814: Awarding Ambra points for purchases
Feature #4815: Awarding AlphaUserPoints for purchases
Feature #4900: Report - Order Products - add filters for manufacturer and display sum
Feature #5213: Featured product module show proper pricing for the current user's price group
Feature #5216: Set Default Country


Version 0.7.1 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-03-31

Bug #4152: shipping address/country selector
Bug #4452: Add to Cart Action - Return on the same page
Bug #4516: CSS for grid with 2 elements per row for featured products module
Bug #4529: performance issues
Bug #4548: CSV Import Errors
Bug #4567: mod_tienda_products not taking display-tax config option into account
Bug #4687: Plugins have problem with mixed cart (recurring with non-recurring items)
Bug #4711: Date ranges for pricing don't work
Bug #4729: Deleting a review, does not delete the rating
Bug #4730: Forgetting to rate a product brings down average rating
Bug #4822: Paypal Miscalculates Total
Bug #4855: Layered Nav - Fatal error on non-tienda pages
Bug #4856: Layered Nav - Categories not displayed correctly
Bug #4861: Layered Nav - Filtering by Manufacturer doesn't work
Bug #4866: Guest checkout buttons not correct
Bug #4874: Unable to delete addresses
Bug #4876: Don't display tax line during checkout when all products are not taxable
Bug #4878: Google Checkout plugin uses incorrect orderitem price
Bug #4896: No refresing page after leaving " Select Products" lightbox in Categories view in back-end
Bug #4897: Orders >> Subscriptions view filters not working
Bug #4899: Report - Sales by Manufacturer is including pre-payment orders
Bug #4910: Cannot override "product_buy" layout for products in templates
Bug #5029: & converted to amp; in URL after login during checkout
Bug #5090: subscription model checks user_id from orders table rather than from subscriptions table
Bug #5095: Subscriptions Report including pre-payment status
Bug #5100: Subscriptions send emails to users based on user_id from orders table
Feature #1786: Shop By
Feature #1978: Backend: Show / Link to Orders in the User View
Feature #2157: Targetpay iDEAL plugin
Feature #4020: Export order details to CSV
Feature #4104: Tienda Breadcrumb Module
Feature #4378: Pay for items with Alpha User Points
Feature #4813: Ability to force itemid in mod_tienda_products
Feature #4867: Report - Most Downloaded Files - Data range should be dropdown date picker
Feature #4869: Report - Most Downloaded Files - Add Filters
Feature #4898: Orders >> Ordered Items needs payment status field/filter
Feature #4944: Multiple Images Upload
Feature #4988: Add params for disabling quantity input box in products view & cart view
Feature #4989: If only one country enabled, auto-select it during checkout
Feature #5030: Pass $cartitem by reference in onBeforeAddToCart plugin event
Feature #5031: Create link between orders and orderitems page
Feature #5079: Custom fields - Added an event to modify list of custom fields
Task #4841: Different report url possible?
Task #4999: Helper method for product_buy


Version 0.7.0 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-02-23

Bug #2333: Calculate subtotals before entering the carts view
Bug #3481: FedEx plugin not showing any rates/services on front end
Bug #3873: Localization menu displays Edit, Delete, New buttons for Emails submenu
Bug #4082: Tax is showing as twice the correct amount
Bug #4089: Lightbox becomes full window after changes
Bug #4141: Sh404sef support
Bug #4160: add to cart doesnt work with SH404SEF
Bug #4286: Child Products pass zero quantity orders to cart
Bug #4310: Cannot update status of order in IE8 or IE7
Bug #4425: Error on Sum Calculation
Bug #4463: Attribute pricing isn't getting passed to PayPal
Bug #4466: UPS shipping plugin does not work
Bug #4471: Tienda not removing users from JUGA group on subscription end
Bug #4476: 2Checkout
Bug #4494: UPS plugin - Error notices during check out (step 1)
Bug #4501: USPS and GoogleCheckout don't work together
Bug #4509: Product with attribute does not show correct price when shown with tax (config)
Bug #4519: Products with attributes and "Check Product Inventory" is selected, the inventory is not matching
Bug #4528: Out of Stock Message Incorrect
Bug #4534: Incorrect coupon/discount value passed to GoogleCheckout
Bug #4551: Missing 'alt' tags for social bookmarks
Bug #4555: Wrong Final Price when having a product with multiple attibutes in cart and checkout
Bug #4557: credit card validation not working + error
Bug #4573: no dropdown menu for "Custom Fields" item in admin menu
Bug #4576: Custom fields arent cloned
Bug #4580: php error notice in front end manufacturers view
Bug #4592: notices in CSV library
Bug #4643: mod_tienda_popular_products not taking display-tax config option into account
Bug #4650: PHP error notice during confirmpayment checkout - 2checkout payment methos
Bug #4716: Both items under custom fields are active when inside custom fields menu
Bug #4751: Assign cart items to $view->s view
Bug #4752: My Downloads isn't displaying any files
Feature #23: Customer Reports: Highest Volume & Biggest Spenders
Feature #101: Custom fields manager
Feature #790: Set custom fields to required / not required
Feature #1559: change the Product Attributes from a drop down to a text box
Feature #1982: Choose which address fields are shown to the shopper
Feature #3333: Enable Front-end product sorting
Feature #3857: Ask a question about this item
Feature #4372: Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking
Feature #4437: Add to payment method "cash on delivery"
Feature #4450: Display more summary information in the admin-side User's Dashboard View
Feature #4477: Create a 'slim' install option
Feature #4504: Price based per order on standard shipping plugin
Feature #4527: Add ALT Image Tags to Product Images
Feature #4595: Add CVV copy and images to Sagepayments payment plugin
Feature #4596: Make expiration date entry into select lists in sagepayments payment plugin
Feature #4648: Make Save As redirect to the editing form for the NEW product
Feature #4657: Facebook "Like" button for products
Feature #4658: "Tweet This" button for products
Feature #4662: Optimize page loads to cut down on queries
Feature #4663: Make phone number for Shipping Address mandatory
Feature #4704: Let the admin decide the required address fields
Feature #4705: Add option to not display root category in Tienda Breadcrumb
Feature #4775: Upload Images as Zip files
Task #4586: Handle second questionmark in return url
Task #4745: SHA1 Image folder structure for Large Inventories


Version 0.6.5 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-01-31

Bug #3619: Remove the 'Authorization Token' field from Paypal plugin
Bug #4259: None of the reports have a submit button
Bug #4337: Wrong shipping country on Paypal's receipt due to wrong data format sent by the cart
Bug #4345: Template for Orders Update needs to use sprintf for DEAR_NAME
Bug #4414: Attribute pricing WORKS during checkout, but FAILS at Shopping Cart
Bug #4423: Update product files on product cloning
Bug #4426: Content Plugin - Add to cart of child products is not working
Bug #4427: UPS rates do not show in 0.6.3
Bug #4429: Shipping rates don't get added to total on step 2 of checkout
Feature #4257: Automatically purge expired items from __carts DB table
Feature #4261: Report - Orders in pre-payment
Feature #4401: Limit payment methods based on order properties
Feature #4421: Allow changing order billing & shipping address from admin-side
Feature #4422: Move Shipping and Payment methods under Configuration
Feature #4424: Parent- Child relationship in attributes
Feature #4438: Make the diagnostic->checkInstallation() method run at the end of install.php
Feature #4460: Tatrapay payment method


Version 0.6.4 - COMMUNITY

Released: 2011-01-27

Bug #4412: Cart is emptied upon logging in or registering as new user
Bug #4413: Error message when checking out as guest


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