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Tienda Overview

tienda_img2Tienda is a complete ecommerce extension for Joomla. Tienda is not a fork or bridge; it is a brand new extension designed and written from scratch on Joomla's MVC framework and can therefore be easily modified or themed using Joomla's templates.

Tienda has been built with you, the site's administrator, in mind.  While building Tienda, we focused on answering the question, "What would make it easier for us to operate our online stores?"  Tienda is the result.

The Community version is free (as in beer) and available for download now.  We also offer optional support subscriptions for the community version of Tienda, in case you need direct support from us.

We encourage you to download the Community version and participate in its development.  Please download it and then visit where you can participate by reporting bugs, making feature requests, submitting code, or even by simply following the development.

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Thanks and enjoy!



Version 0.10.x

NOTE: This version is presently an alpha version, not designed for production use.

  • Joomla! v1.5.23+
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5.0+ with InnoDB enabled
  • PHP Config  - max_upload = 4MB (min); max_execution_time = 60 (120 recommended)
  • CURL and SOAP may be required for integration with some external services
  • DSC Library 3.0.0 (this is automatically installed during a normal installation)

Compatible with:

Version 0.9.x

NOTE: This version is presently a production beta, meaning that it is still in active development and not all functionality is complete; however, many users are using it on live sites.

  • Joomla! v1.5.20+ (1.5.25+ recommended) [NOT supported on J1.6/1.7/2.5]
  • PHP 5.2+ (5.2+ recommended)
  • MySQL 5.1.51+ with InnoDB enabled
  • Joomla! MooTools Upgrade Plugin ENABLED
  • PHP Config  - max_upload = 4MB (min); max_execution_time = 60 (120 recommended)
  • CURL and SOAP may be required for integration with some external services

Compatible with:

PLEASE NOTE: Altough Tienda can often be installed on the most minimal of shared hosting accounts, please be aware that your hosting account MUST meet the minimum requirements above. In addition, we strongly encourage you to consider NOT hosting any ecommerce system on a shared hosting account. This is both a security and performance issue. In addition, we've had repeated reports of very strange and inconsistant behavior from Tienda (and other Joomla extensions) on GoDaddy shared accounts. We suggest that if you are considering generating an income from your Joomla site that you invest a little of those resources to ensure that you have a reliable hosting company. To see some hosting companies which specifically excell at Joomla hosting, check out the reviews here: .




Feature List

FeaturesCore System 
Marketplace Add-Ons** 
Unlimited Products (Physical & Digital)
Unlimited, Nested Categories
Unlimited User Groups
Unlimited Product Attributes (Size, Color, Toppings, etc.)
Product Reviews, Tags, Associations & Galleries (w/ FTP upload option)
Volume Based Pricing
User Group Pricing
Multiple Currencies
Multiple Payment & Shipping Options
Publication Dates for Products
Stock Levels According to Attributes

User Interface Features:

  • Order History
  • Address Book
  • Stored Payment Methods
  • Viewed Products Log

Admin User Interface Features:

  • Graphical Reporting
  • Creating Orders OBO Users (Phone, etc.)


Gift Certificates *

Additional payment gateways:

  • Amazon Virtual Merchant
  • Moneris
  • SagePay
  • Offline CC Payments
  • etc.
Integration with 3rd party Joomla extensions:
  • Zoo
  • Eventlist
  • etc. 
Product Attribute Templates *
Product Bundles *
Featured Products
Product Comparisons
3rd Party Vendors (Users as Sellers) *
Stored Carts for Reordering *
User Profiling (for Product Recommendations) *
Automated User Management Emails *
Product Availability Notifications *
Integrations with:
  • Accounting Software (LessAccounting, etc.)
  • Inventory Management Software

*These features are scheduled to be released in the future (at some point after Tienda Community reaches the 1.0.0 version).
**Marketplace Add-Ons are features that are available in the Dioscouri Marketplace which you can add-on to the core Tienda (Community) installation. [These include add-ons created by Dioscouri as well as other Tienda developers.] See the Dioscouri Marketplace for the latest add-ons available.] 


Payment Gateway Plugins

Payment Gateway Plugins (as of 0.7.3)
Included with
Standard Install1
Available in the
Dioscouri Marketplace
Paypal Standard2
Paypal Pro
Offline Payments (check, money order, COD, invoice, etc.)
Goolge Checkout
Amazon Virtual Merchant
SagePay (UK version)
SagePayments (US version)

TatraPay (Slovak bank - Tatrabanka)

1These payment gateway plugins are included in the Standard FULL installation package. Some of these are NOT included in the 'thin' installer (available on the marketplace). If you use the thin installer, you may need to manually install your payment plugin.

2Presently only the Paypal Standard payment gateway plugin supports recurring payments.


Video Previews

The Dashboard

Category Management

Product Management



It uses the native Joomla! 1.5 language system, so with the use of a free component such as com_translationmanager, you can translate it into your own language with just a few clicks. By default, the English language file is installed.
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