Mappa Overview

Mappa LogoMappa is an image mapping component for Joomla. With Mappa, you can upload any custom photo to your website and then add clickable locations to the image that display overlayed panels with detailed information.

As always, if you find any issues or have feature requests, please let us know about them in our Support Center.



  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 4.3+
  • Joomla 1.5.23+
  • jQuery v1.7.2+ running in No Conflict Mode

This extension also requires the Dioscouri System Plugin & Library to be installed and enabled on your site. The package's installer will automatically install these two dependencies for you.

Compatible with:


What can you do with Mappa?

Here's an example of what Mappa can do:

  • 691 258
  • 170 273
  • 760 577
  • 666 572
  • 56 592
  • 41 32
  • 456 42
  • 284 49
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