Restrict Individual Content Items

Joomla 1.5.x Video Tutorial

With JUGA, you can restrict access to individual articles (on the front-end of your Joomla site) by following these instructions:

Ensure that you have installed JUGA following our step-by-step installation manual and that the JUGA System Plugin/Mambot is activated

01Get the article ID number
Open the Joomla Article manager and find the ID number of the content item you wish to restrict

02Locate the JUGA Site Item for the individual content item
In the JUGA | SITE ITEMS screen enter the ID number into the Filter box and change the 'Select Site' option to "Front-end"

03Assign the group to the item
In the Groups column, choose the group to assign in the site item row for your content item, then click the Green circle "+" next to the Groups column header.

Please note ...

  • Remove any groups that you don't wish to grant access to - esp. the Public Access group (any articles assigned to the "Public Access" JUGA Group will allow everyone to have access.
  • If you don't find a site item for your content item please click here for instructions on creating site items.
  • If you want to create different permissions for this content item for editing click here for instructions.

That's it!

Use the search and the drop-down boxes for easy filtering.

You do NOT need to assign any USERS to the Public Access group -- all users are members of the Public Access group by virtue of it being Public!

This tutorial is valid for JUGA version 1.5.2a+

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