JUGA Tutorials

Restrict Individual Content Items
Hide Menu Items
Restrict DocMan Categories and Files
Restrict Users to Only Creating Content in One Section/Category
Hide Menu Items on the Admin Side
Hide Modules based on JUGA Groups
Use JUGA on the Admin-side
Restrict Content Categories
Make Content Items Appear Different for each JUGA group
Restrict Front-End Editing
Automatically Add a User to a JUGA Group on Registration
Hide Menu Items in Yootheme Templates
Restricting access to RokDownload Categories
Basic set-up with Kunena Forum
Automatically Add Content to a Juga Group Based on its Section/Category
Redirect Users to a Content Article
Restricting Individual K2 Items with JUGA
Hide QuickIcons on the Admin Side
Using Access Codes
Using JUGA to restrict access to VirtueMart
Creating a Different Front Page for Different JUGA Groups
Uninstalling JUGA
Give Access to Everyone!
Translating system messages and dashboard text in JUGA
Integrating JUGA with AEC
Tips on creating a development web site
Logical Operators in mod_hiddenbyjuga and jugaaccess
Restricting Editing and Publishing Access
Hide Menu Items in Warp 5+ Yootheme Templates
Restricting Admin-Side Access - Variation 2
Easily create custom site items for admin-side restrictions
Restricting searches based on JUGA permissions
Displaying a module with a JUGA-restricted categories listing
Displaying a list of the users JUGA groups in a module
Tips on backing up your site
Easily create custom site items for front-end restrictions
Using JUGA to restrict access to TIENDA
Restricting Admin-Side Access - Variation 1
Installation CheckList
Deleting Site Items for removed extensions
Restricting access to Billets
Integrating JUGA with AS
Using JUGA with com_wrapper

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