Features & Version Compare

Charter Members have access to the most current version of JUGA However, there is an older version available for free download. Below you will find a complete list of features that are/are-not present in each version.

Feature List and Comparison Chart

Free Version

Charter Member Version

Latest version available
v1.5.0 v2.3.0
Documentation Available

Front-End Features

Restrict access to components that use task & id only
Restrict access to all other components that use all other variables
Unlimited number of user groups
Works with SEF URLs
Access Codes
Assign users to multiple groups
Hide Menu Items
Hide Modules
Joomla search results reflects JUGA restrictions

Admin-Side Features

Restrict access to admin-side components
Hide restricted menu items
Auto-synchronize items


Auto-add user to JUGA Group on registration (plugin)
Display list of user's current groups (module)
Integration with Ambra Subscriptions (plugin)
Auto-assign content to groups based upon sectin/category (plugin)
Add user to Ambra Subscription when they enter a JUGA Access Code (plugin)

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