Does JUGA add new groups to the core Joomla group list?

No. JUGA restricts completely independently of the internal Joomla ACL system. (To add the groups and restrictions within the core group system of Joomla would require hacking the Joomla core code, which we do not do).


Can JUGA hide Admin-Side Menu Items?

YES, JUGA can hide menu items on the Admin-Side. This requires the use of the mod_menujuga and mod_quickiconsjuga (if you also want to restrict the admin desktop icons) ADMIN-SIDE modules (which also require the JUGA Check Rights plugin to be installed).  You can also hide the complete menu from displaying, click here to see how it's done.


Can JUGA Restrict Users to VIEWING one Section/Category?

Yes, JUGA can restrict users to VIEWING a single section/category.

Can JUGA Restrict user creating content into One Section/Category?

YES, but only with the use of our free CONTENT SUBMIT component.


Are JUGA Groups Recognized by aMember?

No, unfortunately JUGA and aMember do not play well together.

Will JUGA work with Community Builder?

Yes, JUGA works just fine on a site with Community Builder installed.

Will JUGA work with AEC?

YES!  Click here to view our tutorial.


Does JUGA work with com_wrapper?

YES, but with this method only: http://www.dioscouri.com/index.php?option=com_kunena&func=view&catid=4&id=2224 (special thanks to Renato for implementing this fix to com_wrapper, something we at Dioscouri believe should be part of the core)

The reason this fix is necessary is that other than the `Itemid` value, com_wrapper URLs are all identical. JUGA doesn't distinguish between Site Items based on their `Itemid`, so if the only variance between two menu item links is their Itemid, then JUGA will treat them as the same link.

In other words, you won't be able to get JUGA to distinguish between com_wrapper items, and therefore won't be able to assign them to different groups (unless you're using J! 1.5 and implement Renato's fix).


Does JUGA work with SEF enabled?

Yes, yes it does.

What is the "n/a" under Include?

Many of you have asked why there is an "n/a" under the "Include" column in JUGA>>Site Items.  Here's the answer!
  • The content articles are "n/a" in the include column because they are part of the "Content Component". The *com_content component* CAN be excluded/included from JUGA's restrictions, but for individual content items, you must assign them to a JUGA group.

Can I restrict an Admin to only one component?

Yes, yes you can.  The method for doing this is the exact same as doing it for your front-end components. You will need to
  1. create the appropriate JUGA Groups for your Admins,
  2. configure your Admin-Side Site Items so they are assigned to the appropriate JUGA Groups and
  3. assign users to the relevant JUGA Groups.
Please see our Manual, HowTo, and Troubleshooting pages for JUGA (in the JUGA section of the "Our Extensions" menu). They address many of the issues new users may have with configuring JUGA.

Do I need Zend / IonCube?

No you do not.  None of our components are encrypted.  You are free to customize them to fit your needs perfectly.

Can I Use It on More than One Site?

Yes, your license allows you to use it on more than one domain.

Do you have a demo?

Yes.  For URLs and login IDs/PWs, please see here.

Will JUGA work with all themes?

Yes - HOWEVER - if your theme doesn't follow standard Joomla! core theme structures (i.e. it uses something other than the mod_mainmenu to display the menus) then there may be some changes needed (to your theme or to the mod_mainmenujuga module code). We provide those modifications for some popular theme makers (RocketTheme, Yoo, etc.); however, we can't keep current with all tempalte developers. If we don't have an existing solution for your theme, then we can give you some tips on how to make those changes or we can make the changes for you (for a small fee). Please check first to see if your theme/template requires changes if you are planning to restrict menus.


Can JUGA restrict Blog and Frontpage displays?

Unfortuantely, JUGA only restricts the entire page, not specific items within the page. So JUGA is not able to prevent restricted articles from being displayed in a blog-style layout. [However, if a user clicks on the 'read more' link, the user will be restricted from accessing the full article page.]

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