Version 2.4.1 - Minor Bug Fixes

Released: 2011-08-05

Bug #417: mod_categoriesJUGA displaying inappropriate message for uncategorized content.
Bug #5472: Config Default Error URL not functioning
Bug #5550: JUGA install sql doesn't work with newer versions of MySQL - TYPE statement depricated
Bug #5858: Potential MySQL 5.5.10 compatibility issue


Version 2.4.0

Released: 2011-03-31

Bug #403: Access Codes page (juga juga site item) doesn't redirect
Bug #1124: FUSION menu system modification for JUGA not working
Bug #1609: Table Naming Conflict with Fabrik
Bug #1965: 'no groups' filter not working
Bug #3262: Repair Support for YooTheme - Warp 5.5 Framework
Bug #3308: mod_mainmenujuga orphan child issue
Bug #3629: DocMan download restrictions
Bug #3921: hiddenbyjuga - not functioning properly - superadmin not have access
Bug #4459: "JUGA Access Code Adds to AMBRA SUBSCRIPTIONS" plugin creating 'dummy' subscription
Feature #401: Access Code Redirect
Feature #402: FR: Yootheme/Warp5 version of mod_hiddenbyjuga
Feature #420: Default Error URL - same page
Feature #2263: Allow site items to control using the NOT ("!") operator


Version 2.3.0

Released: 2010-09-07

Bug #404: BUG: Plugin AutoAssignContent removing from Access Group
Bug #2498: new error with mod_mainmenujuga
Bug #2806: Access Code Date problem
Bug #2967: Juga system plugin causing error when creating menu items
Feature #1546: mainMenuJuga for Artisteer
Feature #1689: Make Juga system plugin detect when frontpage editing urls are being accessed


Version 2.2.2

Released: 2010-08-09

Bug #395: FR/Bug: Sub-menu handling
Bug #415: FIX: Tooltip on mod_hiddenbyjuga 'Module Position' parameter wrong
Bug #416: BUG/FR: JUGA handling of BLANK or "#" links in menu items
Bug #773: Bug: Juga looking for non-existent table
Bug #1354: com_content - ID (front-end) variable won't allow setting to NOT auto-add
Bug #1595: Old system plugin possibly being installed with 2.2.1 installer
Bug #1729: System plugin, redirect to ce url (add check for subdirectory)
Bug #1732: Possible XSS security hole
Bug #1834: JSON conflict with eXtplorer 2.1.0RC1
Bug #1854: Tooltip text in mod_hiddenbyjuga has syntax typo for "!" operator
Bug #1855: mod_hiddenbujuga date is incorretly displaying as 04/01/2008
Bug #1957: mod_mainmenujuga does not restrict Itemid based URLs
Bug #1972: Access code restrictions don't permit multiple ! (not) entries - General Logic errors?
Bug #2080: mod_mainmenujuga tooltips not complete
Feature #418: JUGA PHP 5.3.x support
RFP #1124: FUSION menu system modification for JUGA


Version 2.2.1


Released: 2010-04-13

  • none
  • Fix Errors after upgrade - adding users manually had an error in the 2.2.0 version. This fixes that issue.
  • mod_mainmenujuga needs to ignore non-joomla internal URLs - a parameter was added to allow control of restrictions of non-joomla internal URLs within this module.

Version 2.2.0


Released: 2010-03-15

  • Change in numbering structure of JUGA version number to reflect end of Joomla! 1.0.x support and to match other Dioscouri numbering systems.
  • Access Code Plugin that Adds User to AS Subscription Type
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