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framed_140Tienda is our new ecommerce extension for Joomla.

For a full feature list, screenshots, and video previews, please go to the Tienda overview page.

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Fixes and Patches
Fixes and Patches


Tienda is in production beta, which means YES you may use it on live sites!  Be conscious that there are non-critical known bugs that we are working on. Also, some of the features are not 100% functional.

We strongly suggest that you first install Tienda on a TEST site first BEFORE you install it onto a live site. (If you install this version of Tienda onto a live site without testing and then experience problems we will probably ask you if you experienced these issues on the test site. Save yourself a LOT of trouble and ALWAYS install major extensions on to a test site before making them live.)

We expect Tienda to be stable within a couple months, but honestly, that depends on how many of you report the minor bugs you find :-)

If you would like to participate in the development of Tienda, please join us at where you can submit bug reports, feature requests, translations, or simply follow the activity.  NO SUPPORT is offered on our project site - the site is to be used for reporting bugs, code, translations, and feature requests only.

Click here for full instructions on how to submit bug reports on

If you like Tienda after trying it out, please let the rest of the Joomla world know what you thought by leaving a vote/review on the JED. It really helps a project grow if it has public reviews, especially when the project is new. Thanks in advance!
Here is the direct link.

Support subscriptions for Tienda ARE available.  No configuration assistance will be offered in our support center unless you have a support subscription.

You can also get (and give) support to other users in our Forum area. This area is provided for those who choose to NOT purchase a support subscription. The forums are completely managed by volunteers - Dioscouri staff do NOT provide support in the forum (you'll need to purchase a support subscription and post in the support center if you want our staff to assist you).

Please Note these requirements

You MUST have your PHP max upload size set to 4MB . (If you have the limit set to the standard 2MB Tienda will not install properly using the standard installer.) [We also encourage you to increase your max_execution_time if it is set at 30 seconds - setting it to 60 or 120 should make Tienda install better for some.] If you are having problems installing and have an active support subscription please ask for assistance in the Support Center.

You must also have the Joomla Mootools Upgrade plugin enabled for Tienda to operate properly.


Thanks and enjoy!

This package include only the core of Tienda. It includes just the necessary plugins to allow you to create an online sales system for selling online files (no shipping) and no extra modules.

This package is designed for those who have trouble uploading the full package OR who only need to sell online / downloadable content and don't need additional modules.

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