Getting Started with Billets

BILLETS Installation Manual

Getting Started with Billets

billets   Welcome to Billets!

With Billets you can provide your site users with support tickets that are designed to build relationships between your users and your support team. Designed specifically for the 'team' support style, it provide you with tools to help you provide your users with excellent support.

Before you can start providing that support, you need to get Billets going. To do that properly we've put together documentation to cover almost every aspect of Billets and we make it available from a number of different paths.  Each section below provides you with different ways to access the Bilelts documentation. You can click on the titles to go to those documentation areas.

Installing Billets

This gives you the information you need to get Billets properly installed into your Joomla site. This is the place to start if you have never used Billets before, or if you are upgrading an existing version.

Click here for the Installing Billets instructions.

The Billets Dashboard

Billets has a central Dashboard on the admin-side that allows you to handle almost any task related to the configuration, management, and operation of the extension.

Click here for an overview of the Billets Dashboard.

Basic Configuration

To get Billets up-and-running, you need to configure some basic items. Review each of these sections to ensure your installation of Billets is configured and ready for you to use.

Click here for information on Basic Configuration of Billets.

Click here for information on configuring the various Billets Plugins.


We try to have step-by-step instructions available for every common task in Billets.

Click here to view the available tutorials for Billets.


With any Joomla extension you may run into problems. Many times those problems are ones that have been experienced by others and can be resolved with a few steps. Here you will find the tips that could save you a lot of time and headache.

Click here to view the available troubleshooting topics for Billets.


If you have PHP experience and wish to make modifications to the Billets code to suit your needs, we provide you with some information for some frequently requested modifications here.

Click here to view the available development documentation for Billets.

Support Center

If none of the above sections provide the answers you need it's time to ask for help in the Support Center. In the Support Center you will receive direct support from the team of Dioscouri support specialists (all of whom have extensive expereince both with Joomla and Dioscouri products) and even direct support from the extension developers.

Pre-sales questions can be asked in the Support Center at any time, by anyone. However, if you need assistance getting something to work you will need an active support subscription. Click here to purchase a support subscription. (With an active support subscription you also get access to the latest updates of your Dioscouri extension). [If you don't have an active Support Center subscription you can seek help from fellow users in the Community Forum. NOTE: The forums are NOT monitored by our staff - only by community members.]

Click here to purchase a Support Subscription


Our Community Support Forums are available for you to ask other users for help with using Dioscouri extensions or for technical assistance from other users (if you don't have an active Support Center support subscription.

PLEASE REMEMBER - Our staff does NOT provide any support via the forum. It is only a community support tool.

Click here to visit our community forum.


This tutorial is valid for Billets version 4.0.0+

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