Version 4.3.1

Released 20 October 2011 - Minor Bug Fixes

Bug #1712: Category Filtering by Joomla ACL - not functioning
Bug #4192: Category Ordering changes hierarchy
Bug #4215: Translation not working - support rating buttons
Bug #4227: pasted text has blank spaces inserted (esp. links)
Bug #4497: allow including code within user respones/message body
Bug #4569: Emails for new tickets created on behalf of users have the incorrect "ticket created by" info
Bug #4689: URLs from canned text entries are modified/broken
Bug #4765: IE7 Compatibility
Bug #4949: Manage Tickets - Date Type drop-down typo (language file)
Bug #5141: Custom Fields - Display in ticket list - not able to be set
Bug #5885: Email settings lost on upgrade
Bug #5892: Emails not sent when created by manager
Feature #3854: Add debug info for Email system problems to log file


Version 4.3.0

Released 20 JANUARY 2011

Bug #1807: Ticket Creation Results in multiple emails
Bug #3717: Prompt user to login when email already exists
Bug #3809: List of Tools layout and URL not correct
Bug #3811: All tables need namespace - Rename ALL Billets tables
Bug #3844: When user creates new ticket, they receive duplicate email notices
Bug #4244: extra </div> in view.php file
Feature #354: FR: Create unique email notificiation on ticket comments
Feature #362: FR: Ticket Emails Should Include Ticket Category
Feature #363: Enable Attachments to be emailed in Respond By Email Plugin
Feature #494: Emailed Attachments
Feature #514: JomSocial Avatar Plugin
Feature #547: FR: Links to other tickets by user
Feature #561: Customize Emails via the Administrator
Feature #794: FR: Fix UI on front-end ticket window so users can figure out how to respond
Feature #959: Category name in email subject line
Feature #1046: If user is logged in, let's add a little icon next to their username indicating as much
Feature #1203: Strip certain HTML tags from new comments, especially emailed ones
Feature #1269: Allow attachments via email
Feature #1990: Jomsocial integration - show open/closed tickets on profile
Feature #2493: Collect a username when visitors submit tickets when not logged in
Feature #3808: RS Tickets Migration Tool
Feature #3810: Auto-enable Tools when admin loads them


Version 4.2.2

Released 24 November 2010

Bug #3716: Alias not created when ticket converted to article
Bug #3785: Missing JTable class


Version 4.2.1

Released 23 November 2010

Bug #3003: Ticket contents can push width of body area out area
Bug #3647: Custom Fields not dispalying in selected categories
Bug #3718: RBE plugin not creating tickets from unrecognized email addresses when email has attachments


Version 4.2.0

Released 08 November 2010

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #357: Read Only setting for Fields fails
  • Bug #1328: Admin Fields - Filter by unassigned not working
  • Bug #1331: Select Categories - Select Category filter not functioning
  • Bug #1478: Encoding problem in emails - user provided solution
  • Bug #1712: Category Filtering by Joomla ACL - not functioning
  • Bug #2057: Change "required" to constant
  • Bug #2827: Static text needs to be fixed so it can be translated.
  • Bug #2844: Wrap Long URLs in Manage Tickets view
  • Bug #3223: Email parsing problem - strange codes being inserted
  • Bug #3546: File storage method blob is incomplete


New Features

  • Feature #361: Show message/link when no categories exist
  • Feature #520: FR: Convert HTML/PHP files to TXT upon uploading
  • Feature #522: Allow Mulitple File Uploads
  • Feature #536: FR: Send email confirmation to user when creating a ticket
  • Feature #840: FR: prevent PHP/HTML files from uploading
  • Feature #1822: When loading a paginated list of tickets, clean up their "checked out" status
  • Feature #1851: Change the rating system to include a warning
  • Feature #2448: Integration with Tienda
  • Feature #2449: Increase ticket_count when system plugin creates tickets
  • Feature #2451: Make tickets search function search comments as well as initial ticket post
  • Feature #2457: When loading a paginated list of users, create their userdata record
  • Feature #2533: Option to not use full email address as new usernames
  • Feature #3005: Save attachments in Email based reply to Ticket's attachment
  • Feature #3383: Hour Based Tickets
  • Feature #3472: Also Associate file attachments with messages/comments

Version 4.1.0

Released 08/06/2010

Bug Fixes

  • Bug #496: Format of Ticket Info column TOO flexible
  • Bug #1648: Get error when a custom filed of DATE is used
  • Bug #1991: Gmail local issuer certificate error on email plugin
  • Bug #1993: links not clickable in emails
  • Bug #2003: mod_billets_open causes fatal JModel error
  • Bug #2059: Creating new ticket on frontent - lightbox search not working
  • Bug #2119: Custom field description allows formatting but doesn't display it
  • Bug #2188: Date field not working on admin side
  • Bug #2189: rating calculation not working
  • Bug #2272: Long URL's affect screen width adversely
  • Bug #2384: Admin Create Label - page buttons don't work
  • Bug #2385: Admin - create label - delete does not work
  • Bug #2422: Typo in file - quick and easy fix!
  • Bug #2424: SEF Enable & tmpl based URLs

New Features

  • Feature #355: Show comments on frontend
  • Feature #1283: Add a 'line' to the "reply above line" in emails
  • Feature #2007: Make the manager Comments section visible on front-end
  • Feature #2253: Ability for user to get email notice of their own comments & tickets
  • Feature #2266: Add ability to disable ticket locking
  • Feature #2268: Allow users to receive notifications on their own posts

Version 4.0.1 - Bug Fixes

Released 07/21/2010

  • Bug #1904: Convert to Tickets SQL Error
  • Bug #1915: Checked out field is tinyint(1) on upgrades
  • Bug #1959: Google Translate causes error when using SSL
  • Bug #2081: Incorrect use of $mailer->addReplyTo()
  • Bug #2082: php notice click_here when ticket is locked by another manager

Version 4.0.0

RELEASED 2010-06-20

  • Enable/Disable Editing Ticket Properties on Front-end
  • Time-dependent check-in of a ticket
  • IMAP class for Billets Emails
  • Create a link to create new ticket with specific category pre-selected
  • PHP version check
  • Fix & Test router.php
  • Remove references to get_browser because it isn't supported in all PHP installations
  • Manage-View has problems fitting in Joomla's default template
  • Failing to create a ticket in Manage Frontend
  • Create Labels in frontend doesn't work
  • Stripping troublesome characters from subject/description
  • Create/Edit Lables - Admin Side - not working
  • Cursor changes to hand indicating a clickable link when hovering over fields in billets
  • Double forward slash after domain in URL src for the feedback rating image
  • Can't disable "Show Dioscouri Link in Footer"
  • Refactor Respond by Email System Plugin
  • Prev Next buttons not working in front-end manager view
  • Emailed content not being interpreted as html
  • Enable user to select redirect URL when "Require Login" configuration setting is enabled
  • Upgrading from 1.5.3 to 4.0.0 rc2 adds /
  • Frontend Tickets-My Tickets won't display any ticket if not choosing a 'state' first
  • Custom 'Select List' Field set as read-only gets updated
  • 'redirect to menu' choice is not being saved.
  • Ticket locking not working
  • PHP 5.3 related issues
  • Sorting by status hides all tickets and generates error code.
  • When clicking "Find out what this means" the main Billets page is loaded.
  • Gmail issues in Respond by Email plugin fixed
  • SMTP Respond by email doesn't work if different email address used with Billets than the main Joomla! email address
  • Fixed a number of issues with IE7
  • Fatal error 'Call to a member function setQuery' when enabling the Respond by Email plugin
  • IE8 Compatability mode flag not working
  • Respond By Email - Parameter - username field title cleaned up
  • Joomla "checkedOut()" method uses an image from the admin-side folder (for ticket locking)
  • "New Comment Added But Ticket Save Failed" message - related to new 'required' fields added to existing tickets
  • "Undefined property: stdClass:: ..." PHP Notices on Dashboard removed
  • Resolved memory errors related to the getData method on the admin dashboard
  • Email plugin not deleting emails
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