Commercial Version 1.3.0 - Bug Fixes and New Features

RELEASED 2010-08-13

new features
  • Feature #156: Use username as an alternative to 'amigosid' in URL
  • Feature #2153: Integration with DT Register
  • Feature #3878: Show affiliate partner's total referral amount
  • Feature #3979: Automated emails for expiring commissions
  • Feature #4272: Send email to admin when users signs up as affiliate (when not automatically approved)
  • Feature #4738: Make uninstaller remove modules and plugins
  • Feature #6023: Preliminary Invite Friends system work [NOTE: This feature is NOT yet fully functional - watch for next release with updates]
  • Bug #1956: Affiliate Signup page never resolves for existing affiliates
  • Bug #2248: Warnings in Ambrasubs plugin
  • Bug #2455: Getting fatal error when editing commission record
  • Bug #2769: Tooltip says that all payments are offline only
  • Bug #3037: PHP Notice from Amigos System Plugin
  • Bug #3057: Missing tooltip descriptions on the Paypal plugin
  • Bug #3681: All tables need namespace
  • Bug #3700: Saving data on accounts - back end (commecial and community)
  • Bug #3836: PHP Notice from Amigos System Plugin
  • Bug #3837: In Admin-side Logs view, Referring URL link actually links to the Referring URL... when it shouldn't
  • Bug #3839: When logged in, cannot edit account properties from front-end
  • Bug #3840: PHP Notice on UI Traffic Logs view, under Commissions column
  • Bug #3843: When SEF enabled, chart doesn't display in UI dashboard
  • Bug #3896: In Admin-side Logs view, Referring URL link actually links to the Referring URL... when it shouldn't
  • Bug #3953: cannot submit affiliate application form
  • Bug #3977: Email Content
  • Bug #4556: PHP Notice in Amigos Admin Side - Account
  • Bug #4571: Pay Per Sale Percentage Not working properly
  • Bug #4579: PHP Notice in Amigos Front-end Traffic Logs
  • Bug #4581: Payout Filter Return a 500 error code
  • Bug #4631: Fatal error during paypal payment process
  • Bug #4633: SQL error on Payment View
  • Bug #4644: Sorting Status in Payment View not working.
  • Bug #4664: Popup onclose update even in Payment Form not working
  • Bug #4737: Manifest file doesn't install all auxiliary extensions
  • Bug #4739: Rename InviteFriend MVC to Invites
  • Bug #4740: DB Query fails when entering the Invite Friends view on the admin-side
  • Task #4742: Remove the "Back" toolbar button from the Invites view



Commercial Version 1.0.0 (Stable) & Community Version 1.2.0 (Stable)

RELEASED 2010-07-19


(fixes since the last RC version)

  • Fatal Error: Cannot redeclare class - when the affiliate form is submitted
  • Users can't save any edits to their contact data fields
  • 500 Error when trying to edit/change a log record
  • PayPerClick Commissions not functioning
  • Various IE7 and Amigos Issues
  • Search box alignment and size issue in Mozilla and IE on front end
  • Added PHP version check - ensures that Joomla installation has minimum version required for Amigos to function
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