How to use the parameters box from Subscription Types


Accessing the contents of the "Parameters" box from the Subscription Type upon processing a payment.

The specific instructions provided here apply to the PayPal payment plugin; however, the other payment plugins function with similar properties.


In the payment_paypal.php file, on or about line 186 you should see:

$typeTable = AmbrasubsHelperPayment::getTable( 'Type' );
$typeTable->load( $item_number );

This loads the entire database row for the selected Subscription Type.

To acces sthe PARAMETERS for a subscription type, you could do this:

$typeParams = new JParameter( $typeTable->params );
$recurring = $typeParams->get( 'recurring' );

Now, if you had entered "recurring=1" in the PARAMETERS area, $recurring would hold the falue '1'.

This development document is valid for AmbraSubscriptions version 1.5.2c+


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