Using a PayPal account that processes payments for multiple sites

For developers!

The instructions provided in this document are designed for those who have experience programming Joomla extensions (plugins, modules, or components) or at least with some basic PHP skills. These instructions may have you modify your existing PHP files or database tables. You should never do this on a live site and should always have a back-up of your system prior to making any of the changes listed here. If you have an active support subscriptions you can request assistance with this process in our Support Center; however, if you need us to make custom modifications to your installation there maybe a fee for this service.

If you need to use the PayPal plugin for AS but you already have another system using the same paypal account (with it's own return URL) then you will need to modify the PayPal Payment Plugin.

01Open the plugin file
This is the file to modify:


02Make a back-up of the file
Save a copy somewhere safe

03Change the return URL link line
Go to line 321 and change the line from

$return_url = $this->params->get( 'return_url', JURI::root()."index.php?option=com_ambrasubs&controller=payment&task=process&ptype=payment_paypal&paction=process" );


$return_url = JURI::root()."index.php?option=com_ambrasubs&controller=payment&task=process&ptype=payment_paypal&paction=process";

04Save the modification

You should now be able to use the AS PayPal plugin with your Paypal account even if you are using that Paypal account to process payments for multiple sites.

This development document is valid for Ambrasubscriptions version 1.5.3c+

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