Translating Ambra Subscriptions

This document is designed to provide you with quick steps in creating translations (language files) for Dioscouri extensions.

NOTE: Different projects have different 'packaging' (or distribution) means than others, based mainly on the 'type' of extension (commercial or community), due mainly to the availability (or lack thereof) of the extension's repository.

Install the base Joomla language file

To effectively translate a Dioscouri extension into any other language, you should have that core Joomla translation available in your Joomla site (although it does not need to be your default language).

Install the 'Translations Manager' extension

To make creating translation files easy, we recommend (as does the Joomla team) to use the Translations Manager extension. It is a free extension that you can download here:

Confirm your languages in Translation manager

Open the Translations manager extension from within your Joomla admin-side and ensure that the language to which you wish to translate the Dioscouri extension is installed as well as the English language.
In the Translations Manager screen you should see at least 4 entries. 2 entries for 'Site' (one for English and one for each of your other languages that are installed) and 2 for 'Administrator'.
If any of the languages don't exist here, then you will need to install those base Joomla languages into your Joomla site.

Locate and translate Dioscouri language files for the Front-End

Select your language's site file and click 'View Files'. Then locate all the files for that extension. They will most likely be indicated by a red 'X' in the status column. Click on the file name to open it and begin the translation. Just translate the phrases displayed by changing the text in the right column of the file display. Save the changes when you are done. Repeat this for each language file.
NOTE: Each Dioscouri may have a number of different language files that need to be translated. Please see the list of language files available for each extension to ensure that you translate all the required files.

Locate and translate Dioscouri language files for the Admin-side

If you have a need to translate the admin-side of any Dioscouri extension use the same steps as above; however, select your languages 'administrator' files (instead of the 'site files').

Packaging up files for sharing/distributing

If you are just going to be using your translations for your own sites you can use the integrated packaging option within the Translations Manager extension.
If you plan to share your translations for Dioscouri extensions, you will need to create a package file that includes the translations files and an installation XML file. You can do this using the package function of the Translations Manager extensions. (You can also just do this manually as long as you create a valid XML file and zip everything up. If you are familiar with XML and install files, you can use this method.)

Using the Package function to create the needed translation package.

You can use the 'package' function within the Translations Manager extension to create the installable packages; however, you will need to make changes to the final package because the package function will include all of the translation files (for all extensions) and you need to only include the files specific to the Dioscouri extension.

  • Select the language file to package
  • Click the 'Package' button in the toolbar
  • Locate and download the created package file from your server to your local drive
  • Open the zip file to make the following changes
  • Remove non-extension files from zip file (The packager includes ALL translation files. You need to remove all files that don't go with the Dioscouri extension that you are translating.
  • Modify the XML file - you will need to change the opening 'info' section to list Dioscouri as the copyright owner. You also need to remove any file references to files (non-Dioscouri extension files) that you removed from the zip.
  • Re-zip the files (including the XML file).

Sharing the translations

If you want to share your translations (and earn points for doing so) you can do it one of two ways.

Commercial Applications

If you are translating a Commercial application then you should provide both the and package files (as indicated above) as an attachment to a Support Center ticket. (You don't need to have a support subscription to submit a translation).

Community Applications

For community extensions you can upload your translation via a ticket on the site.
(You can also just provide them in the Support Center, similar to commercial extension translations.)

AmbraSubscriptions Language Files

  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_authorizedotnetsim\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_authorizedotnetsim.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_avangate\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_avangate.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_googlecheckout\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_googlecheckout.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_libertyreserve\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_libertyreserve.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_moneris\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_moneris.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_moneybookers\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_moneybookers.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_offline\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_offline.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_paypal\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_paypal.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_paypalpro\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_paypalpro.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_points\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_points.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_payment_psigate\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_payment_psigate.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_pointsafterpurchase\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_pointsafterpurchase.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_redirecttoprofileafterpayment\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_redirecttoprofileafterpayment.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_removefromjuga\languages\en-GB.plg_user_ambrasubsremovefromjuga.ini\
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_subscriptioninfo\languages\en-GB.plg_ambrasubs_subscriptioninfo.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_user\languages\en-GB.plg_user_ambrasubs.ini
  • \ambrasubs_plugin_vmcheckout\languages\en-GB.plg_virtuemart_ambrasubs.ini
  • \languages\admin\en-GB.com_ambrasubs.ini
  • \languages\site\en-GB.com_ambrasubs.ini
    Ver: 3.4.3
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