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Ambra Subscriptions Overview

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Membership site. Premium content. Digital products. Streaming media.

The possibilities are endless with Ambra Subscriptions.

We present to you a simple-to-use, completely customizable subscriptions component.

Set up recurring subscriptions, accept PayPal,, GoogleCheckout, and MoneyBookers payments. Restrict content, manage downloadable files and so much more.

Easily integrated with JUGA, our advanced and powerful ACL component and AMIGOS, our affiliate marketing extension.




  • Joomla! v1.5.12+ (1.5.25+ recommended) [NOT supported on J1.6/1.7/2.5]
  • PHP 5.2.6 (NOTE: AS 3.4.3 and earlier do NOT support PHP 5.3.x)
  • MySQL 4.3+ (5.0+ recommended) [NOTE: mySQL 5.5.x is NOT presently supported]

An Informative Dashboard

AMBRA Subscriptions (AMBRASUBS or AS) comes with the familiar Dioscouri Dashboard, from which you have quick access to each of the major AS functions, one-click access to help in the Dioscouri Support Center and Forums, as well as informative summary information on your store displayed in graph.

The right side is a module position with a module displaying summary statistics. You can place any module there, not just AS modules.


Straight-Forward Payment Manager

AMBRA.Subscriptions (AS) makes payment management easy--one record per payment. You can browse the payment history as easily as you can your list of users. Additionally, our payment plugin system allows you to integrate your payment gateway via a standard Joomla plugin! An example comes with the AS package in the form of the Paypal plugin we use here on Dioscouri.

Current Payment Plugins:

  • Paypal
  • PSIgate
  • Offline (checks, cash, money orders, etc)
  • GoogleCheckout
  • Moneris (please check with us first for current status of Moneris support)
  • Moneybookers

Integrated File Manager

AMBRA.Subscriptions (AS) has an integrated File Manager, so if you're selling digital downloads with your subscriptions, then you no longer need a separate download manager with a complicated integration. Some of the features of our download manager include download logging with user id and IP, assigning files to multiple categories (without having to make multiple copies of the file), and assigning content articles as the descriptions of both categories and files.

To sample how the download manager looks from the front-end, simply browse around the downloads available here on Dioscouri!





Multiple Users per Payment

If you're like us, then you are often selling subscriptions to other businesses. In many cases, multiple employees from that business will need access to the subscription you've just sold to the business. AMBRA.Subscriptions (AS) allows you to assign multiple users to each payment. AS even allows you to create separate expiration dates for each of the users in case you want to grant only limited-time access for one of the employees.



A Wealth of Plugin Events

The AMBRA.Subscriptions (AS) code is filled with various plugin events, which allows you to make it do nearly anything you want at any time. One simple example is the onAfterStorePayment event. With this plugin event in the AS code, you can write a plugin that will do anything you want after a payment (whether a new one or otherwise), such as assign the user to a JUGA Group, email them a special note, or make any other kind of database query. The options are limitless.

Here are the integrations we currently have:

  • Agora Forum: Adds a user to an Agora Forum Group after purchase
  • Ambra User Manager: Adds a user to an Ambra Profile or Role after purchase
  • JomRes: Create a new JomRes poperty after purchase
  • Juga: Adds a user to a Juga group after purchase
  • Sobi2: Creates a Sobi2 listing after purchase
  • Virtuemart: Grants a user a subscription after purchasing a VM product


It uses the native Joomla! 1.5 language system, so with the use of a free component such as com_translationmanager, you can translate it into your own language with just a few clicks. By default, the English language file is installed. (Additional language files are available for download).

Charter Membership Required

A support subscription is required to download this component.  You can sign up for a support subscription here.


  • Access to download all core Ambra Subscriptions files
  • Updates for 1 or 6 month(s)


  • Direct support from us through our Support Center for 1 month
  • Access to downloads and upgrades for 1 month

If your subscription for a particular component is still active, you may download the newest available version immediately.

When your subscription expires, you may continue using the component without restriction.  However, you will not have access to our support or upgrades.

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