Fingertips Overview


The Fingertips Administrator template allows you to turn your Admin-side Control Panel into a true dashboard.

The package available for free is simply a template for your Administrator Control Panel.  However, it doesn't allow you to turn your Admin CP into a dashboard -- it is only a new skin and an alternative to Khepri.

The package available for Charter Members has several parts:

  • THREE template alternatives for your Administrator Control Panel
  • a component for managing your menu groups, menu items, and modules, which allows you to create the dashboard effect.

The templates included in the commercial version are:

  • Fingertips Default Template
  • Khepri modified to work with Fingertips
  • Crisp (from JoomlaBamboo) modified to work with Fingertips

We wrote Fingertips mostly for our own use -- we *live* on the admin-side of, and we've been frustrated that there isn't a simple way to make information readily available across multiple components.

For example, when we're in BILLETS answering support tickets, we want to know which users are online, and we'd like to see their avatars.  We'd also like to see a summary of our recent AMBRA SUBSCRIPTION sales.  And when we're on the main Admin Cpanel, we'd like to see a snapshot of the past week's submitted tickets in a MANGA graph next to a live-chat box between our Dioscouri colleagues.

All of this is now possible with Fingertips.  See below for more information, and (once we have it ready) don't forget to test out the demo.

We're using Fingertips right alongside you, so we'll probably find any bugs in it before you do, but if you should happen to find any--or if you have a Feature Request--please let us know via our Support Center!


Video Preview





  • Joomla! v1.5.12+ (1.5.25 recommended) [NOT supported on J1.6/1.7/2.5]
  • PHP 5.2+
  • MySQL 5.x+

Your Control Panel is Now a Dashboard

With the Fingertips Template and Component, you can turn every page on your admin-side into a unique dashboard.  For example, take a look at this screenshot showing a standard Control Panel with two additional columns of information -- left & right -- displaying a stream of recent activity and logged in users.


Modules on Relevant Pages

Display relevant modules depending on the loaded component.  For example, why not make the content-related modules show up when com_content is loaded?.




If you don't want them, don't display them!

You can assign your modules to display on only specific pages, so not all of your admin-side will look the same.  Think of your modules as widgets or desklets - if you don't want them, then don't display them!




Charter Membership Required

A support subscription is required to download this component.  You can sign up for a support subscription here.


  • Access to download all core Fingertips files
  • Updates for 1 or 6 month(s)


  • Direct support from us through our Support Center for 1 month
  • Access to downloads and upgrades for 1 month

If your subscription for a particular component is still active, you may download the newest available version immediately.

When your subscription expires, you may continue using the component without restriction.  However, you will not have access to our support or upgrades.

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