BILLETS: Support Tickets

BILLETS Overview

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Support Center and Help Desk. File Attachments. Custom Categories. Custom Labels. Respond By Email.

Build relationships with your clients - start supporting your products and services with Billets.

Billets is a full-featured, completely customizable support center component. We use it here on to support our 73,000+ members.

With the option to define custom fields, categories, labels and ticket statuses, Billets can be anything you want it to be.

Did we mention that you can create new tickets and respond to tickets via email, assign multiple managers to a category, and manage tickets via front end? And, that you can convert tickets to articles, thereby creating a knowledge base?

Easily integrates with our Ambra Subscriptions component to display whether a user has an active subscription right from ticket view.



Version 5.0.x

NOTE: This version is presently an alpha version, not designed for production use.

  • Joomla! v1.5.23+
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 5.0+ 
  • DSC Library 3.0.0 (this is automatically installed during a normal installation)

Compatible with:

Version 4.3.x

NOTE: This version is stable, it IS designed for production use. [It is NOT compatible with Joomla! 1.6, 1.7, 2.x or 3.x]

  • Joomla! v1.5.23+
  • PHP 5.3+
  • MySQL 4.3+ (5.0+ recommended)

Compatible with:


An Intuitive Dashboard

BILLETS uses the intuitive Dioscouri Dashboard.  From here you have quick access to all of the major BILLETS functions, as well as one-click access to help in the Dioscouri Support Center and Forums.




Creating a Ticket

With BILLETS opening a ticket is easy.  You can specify categories and allow your clients to upload file attachments.



Respond By Email

Billets-EmailPluginParametersBILLETS allows you to receive email notice of a new ticket, including ticket comments and respond to an open ticket via email.  The emailed response is added to the ticket thread. Emails can be sent to category managers for new tickets and comments.


Google Translate

BILLETS offers on-site google translation so you don't have to leave your site or the ticket to answer an international client's question.



Front End View

With BILLETS you can view and manage your tickets from the front end and admin side.



Frequently Used Text

BILLETS allows you to create your own frequently used text.  This gives you the option to quickly respond to tickets with a commonly used response.


Immediate Feedback

In order for a user to close a ticket, they must rate your service, so you will receive constant feedback from your users.




It uses the native Joomla! 1.5 language system, so with the use of a free component such as com_translationmanager, you can translate it into your own language with just a few clicks. By default, the English language file is installed.
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