JUGA Overview

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Unlimited groups. Multiple groups per user. Customized access rights to content, modules, components, and menus.

Extremely powerful ACL and user group access component.

Control what your users can see and do on the Front End AND Back End of your Joomla site.

Easily integrated with Ambra Subscriptions to create a paid membership site.

We won't lie - this is not an extension you can install and setup without reading the documentation. But trust us, it's worth the work!


Video Introduction to JUGA

If you don't know exactly what JUGA can (or cannot) do, watch this short video ...




  • Joomla! v1.5.12+ (1.5.25 recommended) [NOT supported on J1.6/1.7/2.5]
  • PHP 5.0.x+  [NOT supported on PHP 5.4.x]
  • MySQL 4.3+ (5.0+ recommended) [NOT presently supported on 5.5.x]

Want to See JUGA in action?

To watch a video demonstration of JUGA restricting access to content, click here.

To watch a video of JUGA restricting DocMan, click here.


An Intuitive Dashboard

JUGA comes with an intuitive dashboard, from which you have quick access to each of the major JUGA functions, as well as one-click access to help in the Dioscouri Support Center and Forums.


JUGA + Joomla! Admin

Now with JUGA you have full JUGA control over your Administrator Control Panel.

In Joomla 1.5 you can use the same familiar JUGA component to restrict Administrator access to specific pages within the control panel. The JUGA System Plugin extends JUGA's controls over your admin-side the same as it does your front-end.

JUGA Admin has extensive use within corporate environments and small businesses with various user levels (purchasing, customer support, sales, accounting, etc.).



Joomla Admin + JUGA

JUGA User Groups

JUGA allows you to create an infinite number of User Groups for both the Front-end of your Joomla! website *and* the Administrator control panel.

After you set-up JUGA and define groups, it only takes a few clicks to assign page access rights and users!



JUGA User Groups

JUGA Access Codes

Create and distribute JUGA Access Codes to your users!  Access Codes automatically add a user to a particular JUGA Group when the Access code is submitted through the JUGA Front-end Component.

By default, your new users are given Public Access rights, but with JUGA Access Codes, you can monetize your Joomla! website by restricting access to content unless a user is a member of a particular JUGA group.  Then, simply sell them the JUGA Access code!

To prevent JUGA Access Code misuse, you can limit the number of times a code may be used, as well as indicate valid times for its use.



JUGA Access Codes

Multi-Group Capabilities

Unlike the Core Joomla! ACL, JUGA allows you to assign users to multiple JUGA Groups, enabling them to have specific access rights catered exactly to them.  Your Joomla! website is already dynamic, but with JUGA it becomes personal.



JUGA Assign Users

JUGA Site Items

On the fly and with one click, JUGA synchronizes your Joomla! Components and Content Items with the JUGA Restriction system.

Should you ever want to create your own Site Item, though, to preempt the JUGA automation, doing so is simple and self-explanatory.



JUGA Site Items

Additional Features

JUGA Main Menu Module (mod_mainmenujuga)

This Module is the JUGA replacement for mod_mainmenu. Use it instead of mod_mainmenu for all your menus and it will hide from view menu items that a user does not have access to.


Content Plugin

This Content Plugin allows you to specify sections within Content Items that are/are not displayed depending on the user's JUGA->Group.


{jugaaccess Restricted, Administrator, !Sales}

This displays to members of the JUGA-Groups 'Restricted' and 'Administrator' who are NOT members of the JUGA->Group 'Sales'






It uses the native Joomla! 1.5 language system, so with the use of a free component such as com_translationmanager, you can translate it into your own language with just a few clicks. By default, the English language file is installed. (Additional language files are available for download)

Charter Membership Required

A subscription is required to download this component.  You can sign up for a subscription here.


  • Access to download all core JUGA files
  • Updates for 1 or 6 month(s)


  • Direct support from us through our Support Center for 1 month
  • Access to downloads and upgrades for 1 month

If your subscription for a particular component is still active, you may download the newest available version immediately.

When your subscription expires, you may continue using the component without restriction.  However, you will not have access to our support or upgrades.

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