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AMBRA.Subscriptions is two components in one:
  • a Subscription & Payments manager
  • a File Downloads manager

For further information and a complete feature list, please see the AMBRA Subscriptions Overview page.

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Language Packages
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User Contributions


IF you are upgrading and you have integrated Ambra Subscriptions with VirtueMart please note: YOUR EXISTING INTEGRATION MUST BE CHANGED!

This version of Ambra Subscriptions provides a new way of integrating with VM that provides significant benefits to the integration process. In order to do that the file modification that you previously made to get the integration to work needs to be un-done and there needs to be a new change made.

Instructions are provided with this file. You must make these changes for AS to be integrated with VM.

Click here to read the step-by-step VM integration instructions (including upgrading your VM integration)


Once you install this upgrade the previous VM integration will no longer work.

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