1. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    Ambra User Manager v2.0.0

    framed_140We've been making a concerted effort to demonstrate to you that Tienda will not detract from development on our other extensions. The team has been working furously over the past several months and as a result, we've already had these releases in 2010:


    We also have these upcoming releases, all to be expected in Q2:

    The most recent development is a dramatic re-boot of the AMBRA User Manager extension, which has been (sadly) pretty quiet since its RC in 2009.

    Well, that's about to all change.  We've upgraded AMBRA UM to our current code base (which means it is fully MVC and Joomla native) and will be releasing two versions, a Community version (free as in beer!) and a Commercial version.  

    Here are some screenshots of the Community version:

    Features of the Community Version

    • Registration form tells the user if there are errors while they're working on it
    • Native password strength meter
    • Avatar upload on registration
    • Completely table-less design
    • If email activation is disabled, then auto-login after registration
    • Unlimited profile types to categorize your users
    • Unlimited custom fields that can be used to sort your admin-side users list
    • Avatars display on admin-side users list
    • Informative dashboard with registration stats and graphs
    • Professional front-end profiling geared towards businesses, not social sites

    Features of the Commercial Version

    • User Points so your users earn points for site activity
    • Native integrations with our extensions, which means:
    • Sign up for PHPLIST newsletter at registration
    • Sign up for AMIGOS affiliate account at registration
    • Purchase AMBRA SUBSCRIPTIONS subsription at registration
    • Automatically add users to JUGA groups upon registration based on rules you define
    • Rich native ACL via plugins


    We're already using the community version of AMBRA UM here on Dioscouri, so take a look at the registration form and your profile to get an idea what we're talking about.  You can expect the public release sometime in Q2.


  2. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    Fingertips 2.0 Preview

    My last post was in honor of April Fool's Day, in case it wasn't obvious.  :-)

    Anyway, I *did* get some work done today, despite it being my favorite holiday.  Below is a short preview of our upcoming release: Fingertips 2.0.

    Fingertips is an admin-side template, menu, and module manager that allows you to completely customize your admin-side experience.  Words won't do it justice, however, so please take a minute to watch the video (and make it full-screen!)


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