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    Introducing SYNK...


    It is our pleasure to introduce SYNK (a few days before our Billets upgrade is released...)  Smile

    SYNK is a Joomla! Database Synchronization component. If you manage multiple Joomla! websites, SYNK allows your users to use the same login id & password for *all* your Joomla! sites. SYNK will synchronize your user databases across all your domains after every user event, such as save, delete, create, update, etc.

    SYNK also allows you to execute custom database queries upon those same user events (login, logout, updating profile, creation, etc.), so now you can finally add/remove a user from a JUGA group upon login.

    SYNK will soon be able to do synchronizations for content, not just users.

    The current version is:

    If you find bugs, please let us know about them! We'll be fleshing out the documentation in the coming days as well as posting the demo on our servers.


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