1. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    Tienda v0.2.0 available now

    tiendaTienda is our new ecommerce extension for Joomla that we hope will change the way you build ecommerce sites on your Joomla installations.  Today we're releasing Tienda v0.2.0 (alpha 2) so you can test the user interface, report bugs, make feature requests, and generally whet your appetite for the final product.

    Why Alpha2?

    Bugs, bugs, bugs.  Changes, changes, changes.  The database is where we want it to be, as are the layout and product image/download files.  However, the code is still in flux: we are still coding!

    Can I use it Live?

    No, you should not.  Tienda is still an alpha.  Do not use it on a live site.

    Can I help the project?

    Yes, definitely.  Downloading Tienda, testing it, reporting bugs and offering feedback ALL would be a tremendous help to us.  If you are a developer interested in submitting code to the community version of Tienda, please contact us for SVN access.

    Is it free, as in beer?

    Yes. This is alpha 2 (v0.2.0) of the community version of Tienda, which is and will remain free.  We are also building an Enterprise Tienda with a richer feature set that is only available to subscribers.

    Can I get Support

    With the beta release of Tienda, we will begin offering support subscriptions.  For this alpha, however, since you shouldn't be using it live, there won't be support available.


    So, with that, I'm happy to announce the immediate availability of Tienda v0.2.0. 

    Please have fun breaking it - it shouldn't be that hard Smile  But LET US KNOW what needs to be fixed!  I'll post more information on how to submit feedback and bug reports on Monday.




  2. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    Tienda Video Preview #3: Product Management: Catalog List

    This is the third in a series of TIENDA previews that we will be releasing over the coming days.  This one is an overview of our products manager, but only the product list (the video would have been too long if Editing & Creating were included).

    Come back tomorrow to see the next video: Product Management: Editing & Creating Products.

    We would love your feedback on what you see.  Enjoy!  (and remember to watch on Full Screen)

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