1. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    Using #Tienda to Sell Items from Other #Joomla Components

    framed_140We have been building Tienda with integrations in mind from the very beginning.  With some developments in the past two months, we have demonstrated a few ways you can use Tienda to sell items from other Joomla extensions, such as K2, Zoo, JEvents or the core Content Manager.  This post is intended to demonstrate how easy it is.

    Using Tienda's Content Plugin to Sell Products throughout your Site

    Tienda has a content plugin that you can use to insert an add-to-cart button anywhere in your site that supports content plugins.  This means that you can insert a "Buy Now" or "Donate" button in

    Imagine this: you're writing a blog entry on a new product and rather than linking to the product page in Tienda, you just insert a normal content plugin tag like this:

    tiendaproduct id=1 layout=product_buy

    This tells Tienda to insert just the add-to-cart button for product #1, which results in a button like this:

    Add to Cart

    Clicking the button will add the item to your cart and take you to your shopping cart page.  If the item had attributes, such as a T-Shirt with color, material, and size, those attributes would also be displayed.

    The "layout" part of the tag can be used to display any of the various layouts related to a Tienda product, include the product's files, images, and related products. 

    You can use the tag multiple times within a single article, to create, for example, a gallery of featured products.

    Using Custom Plugins to Associate Tienda Products with Component Items

    We also have developed a few plugins that serve as examples for how to use Tienda to sell items from other components.  (This is in addition to the Tienda K2 plugin we collaborated on with JoomlaWorks, details here)

    • One is with the Zoo CCK from YooTheme

    If you want it to, the plugin will automatically create a new Tienda Product when you save a Zoo item, and the Tienda Product will adopt the properties specified in the Zoo item.

    • The other is with JEvents

    This integration allows you to sell registrations to your JEvents events.  Adding a Tienda add-to-cart button to a JEvents event page only involves associating the Tienda Product with the JEvents event (see screenshots below).

    Building an Ecommerce Engine

    The idea, as you can see, is to use Tienda as an ecommerce engine for your Joomla site, allowing you to sell products from any Joomla component, not just from Tienda's product pages.

    Each ecommerce site is different, and all of them have unique products and requirements.  Tienda can be used as just the checkout mechanism; let Joomla (and her components) handle your catalog display in whatever way you want.  For example, if your products are yoga classes or reading seminars, then continue using your Event Managing component -- just integrate it with Tienda to start generating revenue from them. 

    You probably already have all the tools that you want -- and love -- to use on your Joomla sites; there is no need to wait any more to turn it into the ecommerce site you (or your clients) want.

    The best part is that the party won't stop with JEvents, K2, and Zoo -- stay tuned because we have several more exciting developments to reveal Wink

    Ready to try Tienda?


  2. By Vika Osipenko

    Tienda Site Showcase

    I can't stress enough how much we LOVE seeing what you guys are doing with Tienda. Through the support center we have already seen some beautiful eCommerce sites and we thought that everyone else would like to take a look as well. That is why we've added a Site Showcase category to our forum.

    Please feel free to post your Tienda sites there. We may even grab a few to showcase in a future blog post!

    Happy viewing and posting :)

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