1. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    #Tienda #ecommerce for #Joomla v0.6.3 released

    framed_140Version 0.6.3 of Tienda, our ecommerce extension for #Joomla, is now available. We aim for a minimum of one upgrade per calendar month for the free Community version, and this is now our 19th release of Tienda since launch in February of last year.

    This release includes several bug fixes and a few new minor features, such as:

    • Line Items in Paypal Email Receipts
    • An Editor plugin for inserting Tienda products into content articles
    • The option to re-send the order confirmation email from the admin-side
    • Dropdown menus on the admin side

    For a full changelog, please look here.

    As always, if you find any bugs or have feature requests, please post them on our projects site here:

    Thanks and enjoy!


  2. By Rafael Diaz-Tushman

    #Tienda v0.6.2 released

    framed_140I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Tienda v0.6.2.  This release includes several bug fixes and a few new features, including a My Downloads page and a native integration with Ambra Subscriptions.  Here is the full changelog.

    We released Tienda in February of this year at v0.2.0, and today's is the 18th upgrade since then. 

    I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has downloaded, tested, reported bugs in, requested features for, criticized, translated, or extended  Tienda.  There are now 1,400 of you participating on and Tienda wouldn't be what it is without you.  Thank you so much.

    Happy holidays!


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